Have you ever seen a more dreamy boudoir shoot? If you've been reading Magnolia Rouge for a while you'll realise that we don't feature a great deal of boudoir shoots so we're rather fussy with the ones we do select. This images in this serene lake shoot by Southern California Wedding Photographer LAUREN BLEDSOE PHOTOGRAPHY are stunning so it wasn't a difficult decision to say yes to this one! The most beautiful florals by TINGE FLORAL complete the scene.

Lauren tells us, "So much of boudoir work is focused on the gaze of another person, or how the subject is perceived by the "other." For our shoot, we wanted the subject to interact with the environment as much as possible, and to explore how she sees herself. We wanted to play with shape and texture, and use the exquisite pieces from THE LACE ATELIER in unexpected and surprising ways. We chose the Great Salt Lake for our setting, because we love the serene and dreamlike quality it lends every photograph. As the sun set across the water, it lit up the sky with dramatic colours, at first filling the landscape with soft blues, and as it dipped closer to the horizon, slowly lighting up the scene with a deep, velvety vermillion."