We're delighted to bring you this simple and beautiful bridal shoot from the mountains of Nepal by NINA & WES - captured at THE BEYOND WORKSHOP held earlier this year. Working with the incredible backdrop of the Himalayan mountains as their muse, the creative team led by stylist ABANY BAUER chose simple elements to highlight the beauty and innocence of the bride-to-be, including an insanely beautiful jasmine bouquet by JACLYN JOURNEY and an abundance of candlelight.

Nina explains, "THE BEYOND WORKSHOP is a non-profit workshop that seeks to inspire small business owners to use their success to give back to a world in need. 100% of the profits from this workshop go to orphan care and human trafficking interception in Nepal. None of the vendors take any pay, and this year we will be able to give back $6,000 to the people of Nepal! The first half of the workshop is spent in classroom sessions revolving around business and giving back, and the second half of the workshop is spent doing volunteer work in Nepal. We had an amazing group of people this year, the second year in Nepal, that gave everything they could to help this workshop succeed. Each attendee had their own part to play, and as the days unfolded, it was a joy to see each one of them fall in love with the country of Nepal.

Last year, only a month after our inaugural workshop was completed, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake that took the lives of thousands of people. This year has been a year of rebuilding. To return to Nepal and see the resilient spirit of the Nepali people was awe-inspiring. We returned to the same resort we held the workshop at last year. It suffered vast amounts of damage, and we didn't think we would be able to return there this year, however just a few months before the workshop was to begin, the people at the Fort Resort assured us we had a beautiful place to share with our attendees once again.

I'm in awe of the selflessness of NINA & WES putting such a rewarding workshop focused solely on giving back.

Sponsors: Finca la Vida / State Film Lab / Goodman Film Lab / Richard Photo Lab / Brown Linen Design