We made through the week guys! It was the shortest day here in NZ so it's all uphill from here. Well... kind of! Gotta make it through a rainy July first! We're currently debating heading off to a tropical island for a few days which is exciting! 

We're ending the week in Europe - Munich, Germany to be precise - with this elegant bridal shoot by Virginia Wedding Photographers MICHAEL & CARINA PHOTOGRAPHY. Pulling together an international team of vendors, they captured this bridal shoot at sunrise near an art museum to take advantage of its beautiful architecture. Wearing a stunning light peach GOSSAMER gown from their new collection, the texture and beading is divine in the early morning light. 

Carina tells us, "We let the light, dress, and location inspire us. Celebrating the simplicity of elegant bridal portraits, along with the balance of strength and vulnerability of a woman, created a mix of delicate and determined portraits. The florals and paper goods in soft fresh colours remind us of the spring season we were looking forward to."