Happy Monday people!! I'm currently sitting in our beautiful Airbnb on Lake Como in Italy having a bit of vaca time with my hubby! Trying not to work! Unfortunately it hasn't stopped pouring with rain since we arrived but it's very beautiful nonetheless and it's lovely to simply relax (that is if you're not driving on the narrow roads which are anything but relaxing!) and be in such a stunning environment. Last week in Georgia at the workshop run by TAMARA GIGOLA was one of the most amazing travel experiences of my life. If you're not overly familar with this country on the crossroads of Europe & Asia, I suggest to do some reading up on it and add it to the travel list - so so worth it! The best hospitality you'll have anywhere in the world! I have a few snaps from my travels over on my INSTAGRAM if you wish to follow along.

Anyway enough about my travels, let's move onto our first feature of the week. Often times it's the simplest of inspiration that is the most beautiful - a delicate lace sleeve detail, a tiny sprig of berries on a placesetting or elegant handwriting. This organic romance shoot by ANDRIYA RANCES, put together by STYLED AND INSPIRED showcases all those things and more. With florals by THE BLOOMERY CO. and a beautiful stationery suite by ROSEY CALLIGRAPHY it's refined beauty just as we like it.