It's always a treat getting to feature the beautiful work of Paris wedding photographer MOLLY CARR and this sophisticated pre-wedding session from beautiful Santorini is no exception. Nicole & Chris are a US-based couple whose love of travel paired with their adventurous spirit brought them all the way to the sun-drenched, idyllic island of Santorini, Greece to celebrate their wedding. Before the couple was wed they spent a day exploring the beautiful island with Molly, capturing their love story against the sublimely beautiful scenery of Oia.

Molly tells us, "As the sun rose over the Aegean Sea we headed out on foot, strolling down narrow passageways and cobbled alleys to seek out some of Santorini's most captivating and epic vistas. The white Cycladic architecture, accented with touches of azure blue, seemed to perfectly mirror the endless sea and sky, in every shade of blue imaginable, and the ethereal Santorini light.  

Later in the day, we traveled to Katharos Beach to create a completely new and unique environment - one that was inspired by the arid, desert climate of the island while this time very much focusing on the beautiful waters that surround Santorini. As we stepped foot on the beach, surrounded by volcanic rocks and cliffs, we were amazed to see that we were the only souls there. It was a surreal and truly otherworldly experience. Not only was Nicole's dress was chosen specifically to match the morning's portrait session but also for the evenings. Airy dove grey fabric danced in the wind and captured the light beautifully. Although we encouraged her to go barefoot, she actually chose to wear her amazing pair of silver Ferragamo platform heels which we couldn't have loved more! Nicole carried an organic olive branch bouquet with soft silk ribbons to juxtapose against the rugged surroundings.

As evening drew near we were treated to the most stunning Greecian sunset complete with ships passing on the horizon. The water glistened off the black sand and slate colored volcanic pebbles as we listened to the gentle tide going in and out, making a tranquil sound as it danced upon the rocks. It was the perfect serene atmosphere that allowed Nicole and Chris to quietly reflect on their love in eager anticipation for their wedding. The evening concluded with the Nicole & Chris lovingly looking towards the endless Aegean Sea, dreaming about their beautiful future together as husband and wife."

Paris wedding photographer MOLLY CARR creates timeless and evocative images that are known for their romantic feel and painterly-quality. If you're planning a destination wedding in Paris, be sure to check out this valued member of our VENDOR GUIDE HERE and you can also read our short interview with her here. Also see this Parisian Chic Bridal Editorial at the Musee Rodin.