Whether you envision a future in floral design or you're just an eager flower enthusiast, going along to a workshop jointly run by SIREN FLORAL CO. and PLENTY OF PETALS would be such a fun and creative experience. 

Held at THE ROMANTIK STUDIO, these beautiful images of their creations as well as the attendees were captured by one of our faves MICHAEL RADFORD PHOTOGRAPHY and show off their many talents.

The lovely Rachael from SIREN FLORAL CO. had this to say, "Getting to stand side by side with one of my most favourite humans/florists and teach others about our art-form was by far one of my greatest floristry and life experiences to date.

For our workshop we wanted to focus on art theory as it relates to floristry, and of course, our love of flowers; how we both believe in letting go and just creating. We discussed depth, palette, texture, and the colour wheel. We then went into more heart-focused teaching regarding your intention, placement of your blooms, why you choose what you do and how really being "in it" is so important in order to create something exquisite.

More than anything, we just wanted to share our love of floristry with our students and our own experiences as female entrepreneurs. We listened to oldies, Bieber and Gregory Alan Isakov. We drank rosé and snacked on delicious foods from A MIHO EXPERIENCE. All in all, I think everyone had a blast and learned to grow their floral skills."