We have a beauty here by INDIA EARL to close out this long weekend (for us here in New Zealand anyway!) Erica and Dane had India capture these stunning bridals for them just prior to their wedding, and they turned out spectacularly! She sure knows how to make Utah landscapes shine! The gorgeous Erica tells us a little about their story... 

"We are both from Utah! My husbands name is Dane, we met on at Neffs canyon. There was a bonfire and everybody was hanging out and talking for hours. I thought he was really attractive so I started talking to him. We hit it off right away and ever since that first hang out we have been inseparable. 

Married for six months now, we are always finding crazy outdoor things to do. Whether it's drive hours to go do one hike and come back home just in time for work or spend hor spend hours canyoneering in the best wet canyons Utah has to offer. We are best friends! We just got a golden doodle puppy named Noosa and we take her everywhere with us. 

We got engaged eight months after meeting. Dane told me to meet him at the canyon that we went to the first time we hung out. It was the middle of winter so he told me to wear all of my snow clothes. When I got to the canyon we started hiking up and up and up and up. The steepest hill. I was so out of breath. We finally got to a cool little cove made from granite. We sat down and made some hot chocolate and talked. Dane stood up and told me he would be right back. 

About 20 minutes later he came back and grabbed my hand and told me to come with him. We walked up another steep hill and went around a corner and there were tons of candles lit with a view overlooking Salt Lake City to the left and the moon lit canyon to the right. He said a lot of cute things and the got down on one knee. It was magical!  

INDIA EARL took my bridals. She is seriously the coolest person. So easy to talk to and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She was making us laugh the whole time. We chose to take our bridals at that location because we wanted a more open place with the mountains in the background since Dane and I both love the mountains and it had amazing lighting... which is what India is great at capturing. She did better than I ever expected. I never knew someone could capture actual love and beauty in a photo the way that she does. 

We got married on April 22nd. All of our loved ones and friends were there supporting us, it was everything we ever wanted. We had a lot of greenery. A lot of it. Everything was very simple and clean. I still get compliments on my reception!