It's a good day whenever we get one of LUNA DE MARE'S beautiful editorial shoots in our inbox! Through in the insane talents of stylist and florist JANNA BROWN DESIGN and it really doesn't get much better! This stunning ethereal California coast bridal shoot is in a delicious colour palette of lavender and rich plum and rose. A divine gown by Oregon bridal designer EMILY RIGGS BRIDAL moves so gracefully in the wind and utterly incredible paper goods by one of my faves BOHEMIAN INK add the perfect finishing touch.

"Her body moved to the rhythm of the sea as she tiptoed along the shore, leaving the most delicate of footprints in the powdery sand. Entranced by a daydream, she gently brushed the strands from her brow and gazed out across the endless ocean. The sun set her face aglow as the salty air settled on her skin. She felt weightless against the breeze, her silk cloak billowing in the wind. Wrapped in her lover's words, she sauntered along the shore, as the rising tide left it's mark on the hem of her gown. The sun dipped slowly, bleeding sherbet hues across the horizon. She slipped from her trance to soak up the last moments of the sun's parade, then danced into the distance, until the hazy twilight encased her."