A floral workshop set in Belgium earlier this year; posed the question... "What happens when you plant a contemporary colour palette within a simplistic farmhouse setting?"

HART FLORAL and FLEUROPEAN were eager to find out. Set in the rural Belgian countryside, the two floral designers aimed to marry modern minimalism with rustic cottage romance. Plotting and planning quite literally from the ground up, Emily (Fleuropean) sourced and grew the unique variety of burnt orange and blue blooms while Madison (Hart Floral) dreamed of avant-garde fashion and starkly seasonal floral creations.

Donning a vintage Edwardian skirt paired with a simple knotted scarf, Anneleen proved the perfect model for the daring colour combination of florals. The final result was soaked in breath-taking simplicity and photographers TAYLOR & PORTER truly succeeding in bringing the vision of modern country to life.