We always love ourselves some good Italian wedding inspiration - particularly when it's at exquisitely stunning location like this one at Villa Buonaccorsi by Southern California wedding photographer JEREMY CHOU. With styling by CATIA SPOSARTI, it features amongst other things, stunning florals by CHIARA SPERTI, an absolutely gorgeous invitation suite by SENIMAN CALLIGRAPHY and beautiful CLAIRE PETTIBONE gowns. As a great appreciator of architecture - and in fact, former student - JEREMY CHOU has ensured this beautiful building has been captured in all it's glory.

Catia tells us, "i have always been fascinated by beautiful things, by art and all that history has left behind for us to admire and love. I worked on this editorial for months, the choice i made about Villa Buonaccorsi was my main focal point, where everything started to take place. I love this place: you can sense the beauty and balance of the shapes, each timeIi was able to visit I had a new vision, each room has history, each part of the magnificent garden makes me wonder about love stories that blossomed in those secret and full of charm corners. I decided to start with the choice of the colours, a delicate blue-sky palette, to the dusty blue of the frescos of some of the rooms, to the natural grey of the architecture, adding some touches of pink blush. I wanted to create an elegant idea, delicate, without excess, by respecting the architectural lines, the colours and shapes that the day of the shooting surrounded us. A classic style, elegant, with a touch of levity, tamed colours and soft shapes. To me, beauty is without excess, it's harmonious, and detailed.

I chose some elements and texture which I wanted to represent the style of the villa: a table which was especially made with turned feet, with a Chinese set of a unique shape and a refined drawing. The floral design which was thought carefully through and set up by the fantastic CHIARA SPERTI, who can always create natural and harmonious shapes, and managed to put my ideas into reality!

The invitation suite by the gifted SENIMAN CALLIGRAPHY with detailed light watercolours, with gold drawings which reminds us about some of the elements of the tablescape. I wanted conventional dresses, I straight away fell in love with the style of 
CLAIRE PETTIBONE, of their embroidery, the way they work with lace, a style which is perfect for the villa, with light colours, the decorated doors, the walls ruined with time and the damask wallpaper of the nobles in their rooms. I envisioned everything in harmony, and i hope that the photos pass on the same emotions that i had when i saw them!"

Thanks to Southern California wedding photographer JEREMY CHOU for sharing this truly stunning Italian wedding inspiration with us. Jeremy is a fine art wedding photographer who has documented weddings worldwide. In Europe, South America, Asia, and all over United States. His work has been seen in many major publications and in addition he also teaches workshops and help to shape the next generation of wedding photographers. He has a beautiful way of capturing beauty and we're thrilled to have him as a value member of the VENDOR GUIDE.