I'm on the crazy countdown to heading away for a few weeks... is it just me or does the week before going travelling always feel a bit manic? I think it's a business owner thing... you never feel like you're done and able to 'down sticks' for too long! It's going to be a busy three weeks though so preparation is a must. Anyway moving on to this weeks first feature by Sydney wedding photographer Amelia from PICTURES AND HEARTS PHOTOGRAPHY. Styled by Sandra from SIMPLY PEACHY it features the most stunning wedding gowns from INBAL DROR and ALON LIVNE from HELEN RODRIGUES BRIDAL - both of which make quite the statement. 

"There is something so magical about being up when the rest of the world is sleeping, something so beautiful about that first beam of light from the sun, peeking from the horizon. It's so fresh, bright, soft and strong at the same time. This was the feeling we tried to convey throughout this editorial. It was all about embracing the light and our natural surroundings and creating something feminine but powerful and glamorous yet down-to-earth. The juxtaposition of those factors working together in beautiful rhythm. We found a little corner under a majestic tree in Centennial Park to convey that untouched, mysterious feeling reminiscent of early mornings before moving to an area where our beautiful model, Tay, bathed in the glorious sun, symbolic of new beginnings. We chose stunning gowns as statement features for the shoot. Rather than putting together an elaborate styled set-up, Sandra chose to keep things simple and focus on the gowns and the environment, keeping the colour palette muted to ensure a cohesiveness in the creative direction. We added mysterious touches by way of a beautiful floral necklace that creeped down Tay's neckline and gorgeously textured bouquet that incorporated ferns foraged from our wonderful florist, Sarah's backyard. It was not only a beautiful day, but such an inspiration to work with the amazing creative team we had onboard for this shoot."

Thank you so much to PICTURES AND HEARTS PHOTOGRAPHY for sharing this beautiful and inspiring shoot with us. If you're planning a Sydney wedding head to our vendor guide to find the perfect Sydney wedding photographer for your big day.