I'm sure many of you have read about the demise of the iconic sandstone pedestal at Oregon's Cape Kiwanda. Ironically on the day the news broke about this and at the very time I was commenting on a facebook post about it, this gorgeous dusk engagement shoot by Oregon wedding photographer KARRA LEIGH landed in my inbox, so it seemed like fate! Read on to find out about this couple's super romantic engagement story.

Bride to be Kalen shares with us, "Kyle and I had planned a 3 week long vacation traveling around Ireland, Paris, Amsterdam and Italy. Kyle had also planned for some pretty incredible surprises along the way. He and my best friend had spent months behind my back planning for Kyle and I to run into her and her boyfriend on the second leg of our trip in Amsterdam. Fifteen minutes fresh off the train in Amsterdam and BOOM, there's my best friend! Lot's of happy tears were shed and our trip gained two of the most amazing people. I never imagined our trip could get any better but Kyle had one last surprise up his sleeve. In the months leading up to Europe Kyle was designing the ring he would ask me to marry him with. 

The four of us had plans to catch a boat to go explore the island of Capri, where Kyle initially planned on proposing, but Mother Nature wasn't having it. The seas were too rough, so they rescheduled us for the following day. With a quick change of plans we decided to do the hike we had all been anxiously awaiting, Sentiero degli Dei (The Path of Gods). We never actually found the hike we were looking for but we did find a hike in Montepertuso. The hike had lead us to a giant hole in the side of the mountain with a view of the ocean below. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, truly breathtaking. My bestie quickly pulled me aside to take a selfie and when I turned around Kyle was down on one knee, speechless. I immediately turned back around in shock, unable to process what was happening. After what seemed like a lifetime, in Kyle's eyes, I turned around again to face him. Since he was still rendered speechless I asked him what he was doing, like I didn't know, and that's when he asked me to marry him. He cried, I didn't, it was so imperfectly us. The four of us popped champagne, shared a cigar, and soaked in every last bit of the views in celebration. It was the perfect day.

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