When a bride wants to have the perfect day, with all the elements she's dreamt of since she was a little girl, but alas has no budget to do so, what else is there to do but take her fiancé and elope! That's exactly what Mikaela did and what's more it was a complete surprise for her husband to be Benjamin. Escaping to the Swedish seaside in Varberg, it was all set up for them to have their celebration there before heading to a big party that evening. REBECCA HANSSON PHOTOGRAPHY was on hand to capture it all. 

From the stylist: "Mikaela dreamt of golden nuances of peach, old world papers, and just the two of them and the sea. And the ocean was still, not a cloud in sight, and the air was absolutely still, and the only sound was from their muted conversations. We took off after first seeing his surprised face, and then let them be served their dinner, just holding hands, and watching the sun set. When you're only styling for two, you have the opportunity to use some nice antiques - like the golden goblets, and the candle sticks, with habutai silk ribbons wrapped around them. The florist - THE WILD ROSE - did a lot of foraging to find poppies in the exact right shade, and lovely branches of deep wine colours in May! Designing her a wild and effortless bouquet and centrepiece to match, she even find a lot of sloe in bloom, placing them on the cliff to create a halo in which they said their vows. It was a magnificent night, and I am sure the groom ha a blast at the party!"