Cherishing the pioneering spirit and uncultivated nature of the American Plains and the fascinating sense of reverence they bring, Dallas wedding photographer KRYSTLE AKIN captured this editorial dreamt up and styled by LAUREN FIELD DESIGN. "The expansive grassland of the prairie evokes a feeling of invited loneliness and adventure, a time long since past. The bride waits in anticipation amongst the golden wheat covered landscape and gazes to the horizon. We chose a palette of warm neutral hues and soft accents of gold and mauve, inspired by the patina of the enchanting walls of THE TRINITY INSTITUTE. Simple shapes and weathered textures are paired with organic lines to emulate the wonder of walking through rustling waves of grain. Heirloom accents adorn her delicate ensemble and windswept hair. She is wonderful, fierce, and a feminine all her own."

Dallas wedding photographer KRYSTLE AKIN is a valued member of our vendor guide. "Documenting weddings within the past nine years of business I've been able to capture the beauty that sometimes only ones closest friends and family might see. That beauty is what I believe all weddings and images should have as these are the heirlooms to pass down for generations to come." Based in Texas with a love for bright, authentic & timeless imagery you can see more from this Dallas wedding photographer in our Vendor Guide