Oh bless their hearts... this might just be THE most adorable and inspiring shoot I've featured on Magnolia Rouge! This is the story of long and happy love - 50 years long to be precise! Can you imagine? Something to strive for that's for sure! Nina and Foma met at university and have spent most of their lives immersed in the world of theatre. Studying, touring and permanent gigs away from home. This was in the days of the USSR - times were tough. But with love and support they overcame the difficulties. Now living in a small town near the sea in the Crimea region of Ukraine, they still do what they love. A small cozy theatre in the centre of the city, and sold-out in the evenings. However as cliche as it sounds, the most important thing in this story - is the huge love they've shared through the years. On their 50th anniversary they kept it simple and drove to the sea at sunset. In his native city. Words are not needed here. If only we could all experience such pure longlasting love. Thanks to ANASTASIIA KRIVENOK for sharing these beautifully touching images and story with us. This my friends is what it's all about!