A secret proposal wrapped up in the guise of a couples shoot can't help but a smile on your face! And goodness knows we all need lots of smiles right now! I just love the authentic and emotional look on this gorgeous bride to be's face! Jayden approached WITH LOVE & LACE to organise a photoshoot of him and his girlfriend Tori. He also let her in on a little secret - that he was planning to propose during the session.

The engagement ring caused a little bit of stress as it was coming from America and arrived the day before Christmas! cutting it very fine as the proposal shoot was to be 26th December. Photographer Melanie tells us, "I had the location in mind for them, and when we got there it was even more perfect than I imagined with all the wildflowers blooming. Jayden proposed amongst the wildflowers lining the road, and yes she cried! FLORA BY TALEAH created a sweet bouquet with a hand-picked feel to it.