Styled by wedding gown designer CATHYTELLE, this whimsical editorial took place in 'Granite Canyon', not far from Kiev in the Ukraine. These beautiful images by TATYANA CHAIKO take us on a whimsical journey. The canyon is in an old granite quarry that's been flooded with water many years ago, and is now surrounded by a pine forest which gave the perfect environment for the premise of this shoot. Tatyana says, "The tranquility and silence of this place are only broken by the singing of birds and the whisper of the trees, which together sound like a song - a song of the forest!"

CATHYTELLE designer Katerina shares with us, "We wake up with the first rays of the sun to greet Mother Nature with morning pray. Gather forest herbs to make a floral crown. Breathe in the scents of the trees. Dance and sing the song of the forest. 

There is a sparkle of Mother Nature in every woman - a secret magic, which is given to us with birth. Something that makes us feel strong and tender all at once. Something that gives us the power and faith. The story of three sisters - three forest creatures - was inspired by the fairy-tale of great Ukrainian writer - Lesya Ukrainka, and also by our love for the nature of our country. We created characters, possessed with features which we believe form the meaning of true beauty and nobility: Muse, Reverie, Wisdom.

There were seventy hours of pre-production, twelve hours of photo and video shooting, three hours riding, twelve truly passionate professionals involved (excluding the fairies who prepared 10 beautiful wedding gowns for the shoot). Everything was thought out up to the very last detail. Everything in this story is symbolic and meaningful. This project was born and brought to life in one voice within a flash of inspiration. And we hope, that it will give you the beautiful feeling of purity and lightness, which we poured into every single detail.