I am a big fan of the philosophy of Wabi Sabi. It is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic; a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. A beauty of things modest and humble. This shoot by Baltimore wedding photographer CURVED & CO was inspired by this concept and it greatly influenced the aesthetic direction. Co-styled alongside EAST MADE CO. they pulled together elements that complement one another when tied together. Set in one of Baltimore’s moodiest bars, FADENSONNEN, the deep pockets of darkness against light pouring through the caged windows show stark contrast, yet the tones are perfect together. Many of the styled items were found in the bar, curated by owner Lane Harlan. Structural florals were arranged by POMONA FLORAL and while the summer heat made the models glow, so did our talented hair and makeup artist, CAITLYN MEYER.

A huge thank you to Baltimore wedding photographer CURVED & CO for sharing this gorgeous inspiration with us! Both a fine art calligrapher and photographer, Nicki wants to help her clients create visuals that delight and excite whilst still allowing her subject to feel authentically themselves, without pretence. "When you’re in front of my lens, you should feel like you, not who you think you should be." You can see more of CURVED & CO'S work in their portfolio here. Check out this feature by her too... When this couples wedding got postponed thank to Covid they chose to have a beautiful shoot in Baltimore City nonetheless.