Photographer DAVID JENKINS came up with the idea of wanting to show off a classic elegant style but also one with enormous character and detail and I think we can all agree that he's achieved that and more in these beautiful artful images. Can we just take a moment as well to appreciate the workmanship in the incredible NAEEM KHAN gown!

David tells us, "I wanted the feel of a different century with as much texture and personality as possible without sacrificing modern relevance. The combination of elements from NAEEM KHAN dresses to my own use of medium format film and the faded grandeur of HILLES HOUSE were the perfect ingredients. HILLES HOUSE represents something great in English history. Not only does it retain the charm and character of the time it was built in, but it was also a place of refuge and inspiration for the great late designer Alexander McQueen. The home was built with the socialist ideals of the artists John Ruskin and William Morris - whose tapestries hang on a number of walls. The shoot echoes this era but hopefully represents something artistically relevant now."