We all know that weddings this year are looking a whole lot different to any time in the past. Couples are canceling and rescheduling, postponing to dates unknown, pivoting and eloping - it's unprecedented and so much of it is beyond our control. But what IS in our control is choosing love! The pandemic can't cancel that! We love that Grace and AJ chose to celebrate this time in history with a beautiful shoot with Baltimore wedding photography CURVED & CO. 

Beautiful bride Grace shares with us, "Of all the things I worried about leading up to our April wedding, having it postponed due to a global pandemic wasn't one of them. However, five weeks before our wedding, it happened. While it was difficult to grasp, we quickly pivoted and were able to reschedule our wedding for November 13th, 2020. These new plans look incredibly different than our dreamy, spring wedding in April. There will be less guests, which allows more space for social distancing, and masks will be provided. In this ever changing world we know that our wedding could be canceled again, at any moment.

When Nikki from CURVED & CO. asked us to do an Elopement Styled Shoot, we immediately said yes. I'm beyond glad we did and so grateful she asked us. Little did I know how unbelievably special it would be to have an intimate moment feeling like a bride with my groom after not realising I had been wanting that feeling since we canceled. Spending those few hours as a bride and groom, we were somehow able to forget what the world is going through and come back to what matters most, our love.

While the photos from this shoot are not from an authentic elopement or wedding, the love that we share and the time we spent was real. We'll forever cherish these photos that remind us that our love will be constant, even in uncertain surroundings or world events. We are forever grateful for the incredibly talented team that was able to immortalise the quiet moments, laughter, and joy that we shared that evening.