I was smitten with the beautiful state of Utah on my first visit there - it's my kinda place with all those beautiful mountains and wilderness. Photography KATE PEASE - who is originally from there but now resides in Dallas - wanted to return there to capture some of its untouched beauty. Along with KEESTONE EVENTS they collaborated with some local Utah vendors to create this mountain beauty.

Sarah from Keestone Events tells us, "One of our favourite details of the entire day happened naturally. We stumbled upon a tree that had fallen over and Conner from LEUCA FLORAL had the brilliant idea to use said tree as our ceremony backdrop. There is beauty in what most would typically consider flawed and I love that Connor saw immediately what the possibilities were. Rather than shy away from the different, he elevated it into something breathtaking and new.

The premise behind this shoot is a simple one, with nature really being the focal point. We wanted to capture the organic but at the same time, have an air of refinement to the concept. This was incorporated with a flowy LEANNE MARSHALL gown that had structure at the same time in the details within the bodice. To follow through with those clean lines, we repeated that notion with a blanket that we draped around the chair and bride. This blanket also served to bring about a sense of intimacy to the shoot. We also had a mix of calligraphy and hand painted watercolour work within the stationery to showcase a sense of the whimsical that is so often found in nature.

This location was wonderful in the sense that it truly had it all - a babbling brook, shaded wood, and majestic mountains dotting the skyline.