I'm completely smitten with the wildness of this Iceland bridal inspiration. Close your eyes and picture this: endless fields of emerald moss, snow sprinkled mountains, deep blue running streams, and the looming threat of mystical fog that's always nearby in Iceland. Sounds pretty perfect right? As photographer AUDRA WRISLEY put it, "There are few places in the world as indescribably beautiful yet intimidatingly tempestuous as Iceland. More and more people are finding their way to this rugged country, but it only takes a quick turn off the main road to find yourself in absolute desolation." 

For this inspirational shoot, we wanted to capture Iceland's stubbornly resilient character and contrast that with its more delicate features. We chose to use a grand backdrop of impressive wide landscape, just a short drive from the country's capital. Our Reykjavik-native model Hjordis braved the elements in an embellished mesh dress with layered tulle skirt, and intricate sequin beading by NEEDLE & THREAD. The stunning lavender, peach and eucalyptus bouquet by BLOMA NATTURA, contained subtle references to Iceland's autonomous spirit, featuring an asymmetrical design and a variety of wild greens and gentle blooms. The elegant paper design by EMILY KATHRYN, featuring an intricate custom typeface and swash strokes for days, complemented our desired look to perfection."

Seriously I need to get myself to Iceland stat! Thank you so much to AUDRA WRISLEY for sharing this beauty with us!