We will forever be fans of serene coastal bridal shoots and this Atlantic beach one by Southern California wedding photographer HEATHER ANDERSON is reaffirming our love of them. Captured during a workshop she co-hosted with ADORN COLLECTIVE WORKSHOPS, they began with inspiration of the white sands and blue tones of the Atlantic Ocean. "We wanted to create the perfect pastel palate to complement the soft white sand, blue hues from the ocean, pastel sunsets and natural sand dunes. We love that Jerry from JERRY GORDON EVENTS included natural seashells and sea glass from the beach and the way the FAMOUS BAKERY created a cake with ripples like the ocean and using the mix of white from the sand and blue hues from the water." Featuring a gown by KELLY FAETININI and florals by

Southern California wedding photographer HEATHER ANDERSON is a valued member of our VENDOR GUIDE. Heather grew up surfing in sunny southern California, chasing waves and watching the sunsets over the water. "I think it was all those days at the beach watching the light and the water dance that made me fall in love with warm light and sunsets. Chasing light, warm sunny photos and keeping it real is what do best." You can see more of Heather's work here.