We're loving the deep rich colours in this engagement shoot by Melbourne Wedding Photographer ASHTON JEAN-PIERRE - to be honest it's not something we see too often so it makes for a refreshing change. AZALEA FLOWERS created a stunning and unique bouquet for the occasion.

Christian & Kristel met at work over five years ago - in the milk aisle of all places. Kristel continues their story; "I said hi to him first (just to be friendly) but he didn't actually hear me so he never said hi back. A few weeks later, we started talking as friends about anything and everything. For me, it was really comforting to have someone who I could really open up to. Gradually, it turned into him very gently pursuing more than just friendship but I was hesitant. He would ask me things like if I was thirsty so we could go "grab a drink" or if I was hungry so we could quickly go get a "snack". I knew what he was doing. This went on for a while until I finally agreed to go on a casual "date" with him. We ended up going on casual dates for a few months and in between those months he probably asked me to be his girlfriend a total of eight times. Lucky eight did it. Looking back now, it's funny that someone you meet an at unsuspecting place can turn out to be your life partner. I was also probably crazy to turn him down that many times because a lot of girls were mesmerized by his beautiful green eyes - and yeah I will admit he is super handsome. After three and a half years of being together, the tables turned and I was the one hounding him about putting a ring on it - can you blame a girl? Unlike his sly ways, I was very adamant about getting married and told him every day for months on end. I guess being persistent pays off! We went out one day because I wanted to "look" at some styles that would suit me. He's very sweet and agreed to the outing. On our second trip to a jeweller, I found something I liked but he wasn't really into it. He told me to try on a halo style ring and it was absolutely perfect. He bought the ring then and there. I was pretty excited at this stage but because the rings were hand made, we had to wait for them for a few months to be made. His mum also generously passed down one of her diamonds so it would be mounted on the ring we chose. A few months went by and I wasso it would be mounted on the ring we chose. A few months went by and I was anxiously waiting and waiting for the moment to happen. Pretty unconventional way to get engaged I know! It ended up taking about 4 months after we bought the ring for him to pop the question because the ring was insanely delayed. He proposed to me at Hanging Rock while we were half way up admiring the view. The moment was more than perfect. As expected, I was crying my eyes out while he poured his heart out to me. Being back at Hanging Rock for the engagement shoot brought back a lot of amazing memories! We had a blast shooting and wouldn't have anyone else to capture our engagement shoot."