Happy Easter everyone! Whether you're coming out of the long dark days of winter and joyfully heading into spring, or like me just heading into it, nothing could be more refreshing than a table set with beautiful botanicals. Photographer SHANNON VON ESCHEN and florist BARE ROOT FLORA laid a natural wood table with a gorgeous macramé runner from ANTHROPOLOGIE and set the table in textural tableware in shades of white and pale blue-green. For a modern and organic centerpiece, they potted ivy, mint, strawberry, thyme and beautiful succulents in sweet terracotta pots, which were a perfect complement to the brown eggs on the table. We loved this fresh and modern take on a classic Easter holiday table and there's still time for you to replicate it for Easter Sunday brunch. As a little bonus they're made the sweetest little egg planters filled with hellebore blooms and provided us with the instructions to make our own. 



Six raw eggs / Bowl (for egg storage) / Dish soap / Egg carton / Six egg cups / Water / Flower or greenery cuttings


1. Make your egg planters: Gently crack the top 1/3 of the egg and peel away slowly. Pour the yolk and egg white into a small bowl (for either scrambling or baking later, yum!). Once your shell is emptied, rinse it under warm water and use dish soap to gently clean the egg inside and out. Though the risk is low, this decontaminates your egg planters from any possible salmonella bacteria. After rinsing your egg, prop it up in your egg carton to dry. Repeat on the rest of the eggs.

2. Fill your planters with about 1/3 with water. This will keep your flowers fresh! (keep each planter in the egg carton until you're ready to move them to their cups.)

3. Create your flowers for the planter: Use tiny flower or greenery cuttings and arrange them to your liking within each egg planter. This can be as simple as adding 1 or 2 tiny stems and being done, to crafting a mini arrangement of many different floral varieties to sit inside. Once your arrangements are complete, you can move them to their individual egg cups, making sure they're steady and sitting up straight.