In a connected online world we now live in their are few people who have not heard of the magical island of Santorini with its imposing Caldera views of the Aegean, unmistakable landscapes & architecture. Those who visit - honeymooners, travel enthusiasts, instagram influencers, fashion bloggers or those just fulfilling a dream vacation - can find privacy and relaxation away from the crowds as ADRIAN WOOD PHOTOGRAPHY did for this fun curated lifestyle session at the EROSANTORINI PRIVATE VILLA.

Planned by STELLA & MOSCHA, it has fashion conscious couples in mind with elements of high end styling and luxury sightseeing with the use of a locally available RIVA YACHT hire. "It allowed us to show how the islands beauty can be enjoyed creatively by modern millennials visiting on a regular basis."

Whilst forming part of a an additional Santorini elopement shoot shown here we hope you agree this set of lifestyle images are not only stunning but most certainly could be easily mistaken for covers on fashion magazines. Moreover it shoes that it's a magical place to honeymoon!