It's been a while since we've featured a photographic travel essay. I always love to travel vicariously through our travel features and these images of the American West Coast by KATIE CHANG PHOTOGRAPHY have me reliving our own travels in this part of the world. I'll hand you over to Katie to tell us more about her journey;

"I’ve been traveling across the United States for as long as I can remember. The expanse of places to explore in this country has never failed to amaze me...but one area I've always loved returning to is the West Coast. So, this past holiday season, I decided to gift my mom and myself a two-week road trip from Big Sur to Seattle. Seven months later, we were living out of our rental van, exploring the 1,500 miles of wild coastline lying between the golden beaches of California and the Olympic Mountains of Washington State as we drove north on the Pacific Coast Highway.

From the moment we touched down at the airport in Monterey, the coast drew me in. I was tempted to pull out my camera and photograph everything I possibly could... but instead, I shot a limited amount of film and focused on immersing myself in the beauty surrounding me. I remember the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The constant fresh and salty scent of the ocean. The abundant ground-covering succulents in California. The way that sunlight bathed the golden hills during the afternoons. The ancient aura of Oregon's lush forests. Road-tripping without a specific itinerary allowed us to truly soak up every sensation.

We loitered on countless beaches. Stumbled across tide pools filled with colourful anemone Drove through quaint coastal towns. Wove our way through bustling farmer's markets. We snacked on wild blackberries. Tried San Francisco's original It's It ice cream sandwiches. Enjoyed a flight of local Willamette county mead. We feasted on an Astorian fresh-caught crab.

It truly was one of the most magical trips I have ever been on. The West Coast was nothing short of a dream."