Like many young girls I was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables - perhaps more so than my friends since I was constantly teased about it! Whilst living in Canada many years ago, I took a trip out east and got to visit the beautiful Prince Edward Island where the series was based, so it's like a little trip down memory lane for me revisiting these charming scenes by Samantha from ORANGE PHOTOGRAPHIE.

Sam shares her thoughts with us, "Thanks to the Anne of Green Gables movies and books, it has been a dream of mine to visit PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND since I was a little girl. The island has held such an idealised place in my mind for so long that I was worried experiencing it in person wouldn't meet the expectations I had been building since my childhood. However, all my girlhood dreams came true this past June when I took a girls' trip to the island with my one of my dearest friends and her little girl. My friend is a true kindred spirit who also has a love for "that Anne girl." After over a year of careful planning, we made our way to Boston, drove up through Maine, across New Brunswick and then over the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. We spent a glorious week on the island and explored its beautiful shores, farmland, lighthouses, Anne of Green Gables sites, and the beautiful city of Charlottetown. After scouring for places to stay, we found a perfect 1800s farmhouse on Airbnb with the most glorious unimpeded view over a lush green field and out to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. What a week it was. I took early morning runs on the famous red dirt roads out to the nearby lighthouse. We sat in rocking chairs on the front porch and watched thunderstorms come in over the gulf. We made delicious meals and ate them on the old wooden table in our farmhouse kitchen. We had a scrumptious afternoon tea at DALVAY BY THE SEA. We saw ANNE OF GREEN GABLES: THE MUSICAL. We made a pilgrimage to both the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES MUSEUM and GREEN GABLES itself (it really exists!). We saw thousands and thousands of wild lupine in every colour of pink and purple imaginable. We explored little fishing villages. It was truly a kindred spirits trip, and it instantly became one of those special memories of a lifetime. But I already know it's not the only time I will visit PEI... I've been with my "Diana," now I need to go with my "Gilbert" and take my husband with me."