It's an enviable talent being able to 'throw together' some flowers and create works of art for your own pleasure. NOI TRAN captured these images of florist GINGER ROSE creating some pieces for a tablescape that they later used.

From the florist; "My initial inspiration for this shoot was based around my passion for foraging and using interesting elements, and how I could use this concept to put together a tablescape that could be used for a gathering of my own friends and family. I was really drawn to a more neutral and earthy colour palette for this arrangement, and loved the idea of using kiwifruit branches and airplants to add a fun and funky vibe to the overall design.

The idea of drawing in the copper tones of the Sweet Pea, and the "Combo" Roses allowed me to pull together the rest of the neutral colour palette throughout the tablescape, both through the concrete vessel used for the arrangement, as well as the copper details throughout the design. I was able to forage some of the amazing Dogwood Branches, as well as the Bunny Grass, Hellebores, Pieris, and Eleagnus for the arrangement, which really emphasised maintaining a local flower selection, with heavy southern Influences. 

This was a perfect "lifestyle" shoot for me because it really holds true to how I might entertain some of my closest friends and family for a gathering. I think it's kind of fun for an audience to see how a wedding professional might style their personal blooms when it's not for a client, and this Friendor's Gathering Lifestyle Shoot allowed me to do just that!"