Being from the desert (Palm Springs) Jolene from LAUREL & ROSE is completely at home surrounded by the vastness of the sand, mountains, and constant sun. With the intention of creating something completely unique it was important to her to involve authentic and local vendors to ensure the shoot had more meaning. The beautiful images by LUCKY MALONE transport us there and have me wanting to go and get lost in the desert for a while! And the colours are just like a painting!

Jolene shares with us, "Our motto for this was simplicity and curiosity. We didn't hire a florist because we wanted everything included to be organically grown in the desert surroundings (including the garden roses we found in an abandoned roadside garden). We wanted to play on the different light you get throughout the day in the desert - from that glow in the morning to full sun midday to the magic golden radiance produced in the evening. 

Our concept was to have a woman (who was actually born and raised in the desert!) that is independent and that posses a carefree wanderlust, nomadic spirit. She is captivated by the riches of the desert -  including fresh oranges, mixed metals, terra cotta, palm fronds - and bring these gems with her wherever she goes - wandering into the desert or preparing for a wedding day with her jewels (all of the jewellery was made by a lifelong desert dwellers and is hand-crafted of antiques from the 17th and 18th centuries!). 

The colours were inspired by the colours of the desert throughout the day - from copper & rose gold to blues & teals as shadows. We loved the raw beauty found from a day foraging in the desert and hope this inspires you and your readers to appreciate the organic beauty around them!"