We adore simple at home photo sessions that show couples in their own environments, doing what they would do over an ordinary weekend. Photographer MEGAN LAURA attended Loom Curated by GINNY AU and had this to say about it;

"The Loom Series is a worldwide teaching platform for photographers. Twice a year Ginny welcomes photographers to a chosen venue for two days of educational lectures, observations, shoots and camaraderie. In small groups, the attendees are welcomed into curated environments with the sole purpose of documenting the story as it unfolds.

Loom was a life changing workshop that took place in Catskills New York. It was absolutely eye opening. Ginny encouraged us to photograph natural movements without directing the models into fake posing. This gave us a whole new way of seeing beauty and the need for authenticity in our imagery. It's so important to capture people's true personality and touch, instead of forced uncomfortable actions that aren't true to the client.  

This session was so special to me, the emotions, the soft music playing in the background, the smell of the freshly made pizza,  and the atmosphere this real couple brings into the room was beautiful. It moved me to tears with how authentic their connection was. It was a pleasure to be a part of."