We love the feel of this gentle lifestyle session by ERIKA DELGADO PHOTOGRAPHY captured at the bright space that is Miami's LITTLE RIVER STUDIOS. Styled by ROXANNE BELLAMY EVENTS we're taken with the simple and authentic nature of these images.

Erika tells us, "Mornings are sacred to me, they are tender, inspiring and refreshing. I wanted to show how love shines in the simple moments, like a quiet weekend sunrise in bed. As photographers we can take inspiration from these simple authentic moments and tell a beautiful story. By allowing the design and aesthetic of the environment to be minimal and simple, we felt Josiah & Fallon's morning love story would shine stronger. Their chemistry is unique and I wanted to portray how special it is in an undisturbed, bright space. I really love how strong their connection comes through in the photographs. I love how this session exudes notion, passion and peace.