This post is a little different to our usual in that it's a collection of images by various artists from the TYLER RYE workshop held on the beautifully moody Oregon Coast. We're sharing two to three images from each attendee and the result is a fascinating insight into how differently photographers interpret and capture the same scene they have in front of them.

Tyler tells us, "I have been providing workshops for a few years now and its been an amazing experience! One of the most interesting things I witness is the ability creatives have to take unique images of the same shoot. No matter how big the group is everyone seems to be able to create something completely different from the rest. I was so excited when Kate agreed to do a post like this one that showcases a few images from each attendee! It was the first time anyone had done something like this and it truly lets those who didn't make it to the workshop see what they could create if they came to one of my workshops! 

One of the biggest draws for the Cannon Beach area is the Giant "Haystack Rock located there on the beach. Everyone wants to shoot there and its not hard to see why. The shore is often a beautiful reflection of rolling waves, beautiful skies and a towering rock formation. However Oregon is a moody state and on the day of our shoot it turned out to be overcast and foggy. So foggy in fact we were only able to see Haystack Rock for a few minutes right at the begging of our shoot. I was so disappointed for the attendees and thinking all we would shoot was a foggy beach with bad lighting but just as I was having those thoughts the sun rose over the horizon and we were blessed with a stunning mixture of fog and beautiful defused light! It's the kind of lighting you rarely get but don't want to stop shooting when you have it! We quickly took advantage of the soft and beautiful tones it provided and these pictures have become a favourite set for me. We didn't get the cool reflections that you often see from Cannon Beach but thats ok because we got to experience something unique and stunning in its own way. Proving once again that you can't control what the weather will do but you can take advantage of what you are given!"

Above three images by AMANDA ALICE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Above three images by APERTURE VISION.

Above three images by SWAN PHOTOGRAPHY.

Above three images by BLACK OWL PHOTOGRAPHY.

Above three images by ERIKA GREENE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Above three images by HAZEL & LACE.

Above two images by I SHOOT WITH MY HEART.

Above two images by MEL BELL PHOTOGRAPHY.

Above three images by NGUYEN TAKEBA.

Above three images by NIKI RHODES.

Above three images by TYLER RYE.


Above three images by REEL IMAGERY.