Spanish wedding photographer IN LOVE BY BINA TERRE captured these gorgeous images of Christina & Alex at her 'second home' of Spain. She tells us, "I've been traveling to Spain for more then 15 years now. We have a little Casa there, my second home, near to the beautiful city Altea. It's a typical Spanish place - lots of small, bright streets, plenty of cats and dogs, and many steps to go up and reach the church on top of the city. There are so many flowers and colours and the view of the ocean is always a serene place for me. Even when there are lots of people around me having Tapas or just walking around on a warm summers evening. 

I've wanted to shoot there for many years - to be able to capture not only the 'typical' beach photos, but to capture the lifestyle, the culture and the quintessential places of Spain. Cristina and Alex have been together for some months when we met but it was clear that they've known each other for a couple of years. They were so intimate and trustful to each other and that was the perfect fit. I guess I haven't seen a couple that were laughing quiet on every photo I shot, but they were. Her smile was said more than a thousand words to me and I'm sure I was capturing them just like they are naturally. 

We started to shoot in the small streets of Altea on our way to the top, the church. It seemed like we had to stop by almost every corner of Altea cause we found beauty everywhere and every corner was so different, lovely and new. As soon as we reached the church of Altea, it was almost sunset. So we decided to go to the beach for some last sunlight. Altea is on the 'wrong' side for sunset/ backlight photos in the sea but as soon as the sun went down, we had such a beautiful colourful sky and everything looked like a pastel painting. We made the most of this amazing atmosphere to do some last shots at the beach of Altea with the beautiful mountain of Calpe in the background."

A huge thank-you to Spanish wedding photographer IN LOVE BY BINA for sharing this gorgeous shoot from Spain with us today. Bina is a fine art photographer from Germany, who will travel throughout Europe for your event. Be sure to check out more of In Love by Bina's work in our vendor guide. And be sure to check to check out this gorgeous Spanish engagement shoot by her too.