Once the wedding dress is dry-cleaned and stored, and the photos relegated to an album (or box if you're like me!) that's when the reality of every day life as a married couple begin. This slow and intentional lifestyle shoot by TRYNH PHOTO celebrates just that - the small details of a couple's usual routine.  

"This shoot is inspired by life in Provence. Provence is the heart of quaint and intentional French living. As you explore the area, you come to find fields of lavender, picturesque rose bushes, and markets filled with locally sourced goods. To capture the essence of Provence, we sought to create an environment filled with warmth, romance and of course, wine. We depicted a couple living in quiet existence, appreciating every moment in an ordinary day. Jeremy and Sarah are playful and passionate toward each other, she likes to read, he likes to play his guitar.  They enjoy taking turn making morning coffee for each other, cooking and enjoying wine together... all of which we incorporated into the shoot."