The breathtaking, wild pacific coastline of British Columbia and it's diverse landscape set the tone for this simple and foraged portrait session by Vancouver Wedding Photographer WIND AND RIVER. With a beautifully gathered bouquet by OUR LITTLE FLOWER COMPANY and an intricately penned love letter in hand, the model wanders from the shelter of the meadow and onto the rugged outcrop overlooking the sea. As fleeting moments of evening sun gracefully frame the models striking gaze you can almost feel the warmth of the summer ocean air.

Jenelle from WIND AND RIVER tells us, "The rugged coastline of western British Columbia has long been celebrated for it's stunning scenery. While I will never grow tired of the undone shoreline, there is an ancient and magnificent secret to be discovered further inland. Deep within the temperate coastal rainforests of the mountains is a breathtaking array of western Hemlock, delicate ferns and refreshing streams and thus the inspiration for this beautifully effortless and organic bridal style."