These stunning lifestyle images by TAMARA GIGOLA were captured at BRUMLEY & WELLS Iceland workshop, Reckless North. A fascinating country full of stunningly beautiful landscapes - Iceland is dramatic, elemental and surreal. The land of Fire and Ice is rich with cascading waterfalls, moss covered lava, beautiful rivers, geysers and hot springs, active volcanoes, black sand beaches, and many more unique and beautiful geological wonders. With its dramatic natural beauty it inspires so many of us to discover new sources of inspiration. That is why Iceland was the perfect place to create a Japanese Wabi-Sabi concept inspired boudoir and engagement session. Inspired by the minimalism of this concept and its authenticity, ANNIE of THE WELLS MAKERY created a stunning concept for a shoot which allowed the attendees to find the perfect balance between the majestic beauty of the landscapes and an editorial edge. Annie designed all the gorgeous paper goods and collected and combined all the details aiming for the vendors to think out of box and to seek new sources of inspiration.   

TAMARA tells us, "Visiting Iceland for the BRUMLEY & WELLS workshop was the most inspirational thing that had happened to me last summer. I've been an admirer of their work for a long time and to learn from the incredibly talented duo Jacob & Annie was a dream come true. Their workshop in Iceland was beyond all my expectations. Original, resourceful, timeless and professional advice, numerous conversations and discussions... Jacob shares so much. Moreover, every detail of the workshop was extremely thoughtful and beautiful - from the epic landscapes of Iceland  and the editorial-fashion styled shoots, to the workshop materials and to the welcome dinner. I walked away re-inspired and motivated to push my art to the next level. For sure joining BRUMLEY & WELLS workshop will be the best way to push each and every business to the next level. I am incredibly grateful to Jacob & Annie for this inspirational journey and their warmth, talent, humbleness and willingness to share their craft and vision.