Sarah Carpenter Photography

Seattle Photographer

Sarah is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in the Pacific Northwest and available for world wide travel. She has a love of the luminous, vibrant look and tangibility of medium format film and is inspired by the delicate but strong movements of ballet and golden sunsets. Capturing romantic and joyful moments and curating beautiful memories in an authentic way is the approach Sarah takes to shooting every wedding day and portrait session.

IF I HAVE A FREE SUNDAY I WOULD SPEND IT… doing anything as long as I’m with my favourite people!

MY MOST MEMORABLE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WAS… driving through the Scottish Highlands as the sun rose and the fog lifted last October

THE COUNTRY I MOST WANT TO VISIT IS…This changes often because I want to see so many places and experience so many cultures, but currently I am dying to go back to Scotland. I feel like my time spent there last fall was not enough!

WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY JOB IS… the stories I get to tell through the images I capture!

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE BECAUSE… the trees make it smell like Christmas all year, and I can see the mountains and the sea without driving too far!

MY FAVOURITE MOVIE IS? Currently, French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Klein.