Steve Torres Photography

Southern California Photographer

Steve is a fine art wedding photographer who has love & passion for timeless romantic imagery. Bringing life to every image, He strives to capture the true beauty in every moment as it is, as it was,and how it will be remembered forever. Steve is based in California and available for travel Worldwide.

IF I HAVE A FREE SUNDAY I WOULD SPEND IT… with my wife and two little boys! That is my favorite kind of day.

THE COUNTRY I MOST WANT TO VISIT IS… so hard to choose but I can hear New Zealand calling for me!

WHAT I LOVE MOST ABOUT MY JOB IS… that every wedding has a new story and watching it unfold is amazing. I love being there at the perfect moment to document it! 

IF I DIDN’T DO THIS AS A JOB I WOULD BE… a professional musician and sound engineer. Music is my inspiration and it will always be apart of me!