v Karina tells us, "Old Perithia in Corfu is an enchanting anomaly. This beautiful, unusual scenery and aura of the past, will transfer you to another era and will give you the feeling you are not in Greece. The ancient land inspires the beauty of a simple life. 

I think we all should be thankful for what we have. The art of having less but enjoying our lives more, involves a few simple changes in perspective. First, we must understand where our true values lie and focus on them. Then, we must take time to enjoy the simple things, slow down and see what’s right in front of us. We focused on the story of a husband and wife as they renew their vows in front of their children. Amazing planner and stylist ROSMARIN WEDDINGS helped me pull some ideas together and execute the editorial to perfection. Stunning dresses from COSTARELLOS and CATHYTELLE and beautiful floral arrangements by RAMMOS FLOWERS lends itself well to the organic and ethereal style."

A huge thank you to Germany wedding photographer KARINA PAPADOPOULOS for sharing this beautiful shoot with us. Born in Poland and now residing in the Black Forest, Karina travels extensively, Karina's work has a clean, simple and timeless appeal to it. If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Europe, head over to her profile to see more of her work and be sure to check out this Timeless Art Gallery wedding ideas.