One month until Christmas! Can you believe it? I've actually already started to decorate - earliest I've ever started! After years of Christmas with no kids I want to create the most amazing experience for Rylee - even though she has no idea what Christmas is at this point! Hopefully all my crazy carol singing and simple explanations will start to mean something! If not I'm sure the presents she's bound to be showered with on the day itself with resonate.

Today we have this gorgeous anniversary photo shoot by CALLIE MANION captured on the incredible landscape that is the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. I'll hand you over to Callie who tells us more about it, "Not only did Austin and Alina recently celebrate their three year wedding anniversary, they also just graduated from college and moved from Utah to California. To commemorate the significance of these achievements, as well as the time they spent in Utah, they wanted to have some anniversary photos taken before moving. As Utah is known for its disparate and striking geography, they wanted to showcase this aspect of living there in their photographs, that way they would always have a piece of this truly grand state in their lives. The Bonneville Salt Flats could not have been a more perfect choice. Comprised of massive sheets of densely packed salt and minerals, they sparkle and glisten under the sun. Not only are they radiant with beauty, but they are also statistically impressive; these salt flats are some of the largest in the western United States. When we arrived at the location, the entire landscape was filled with gorgeous golden light refracting off the striking salt flat floor.

I loved Alina's simple white dress from ASOS and pull-over sweater, as well as Austin's handsome J. Crew suit. The couple's crisp, understated style complemented the tones of the landscape beautifully, allowing the scenes natural splendour and the couple's connection with each other to shine through. SHASTA BELL CALLIGRAPHY provided a gorgeous invitation suite to compliment these photographs; I love how their raw, minimal, and modern aesthetic reflect both the pure beauty of the Salt Flats as well as the couple's contemporary, clean style."