When planning their wedding Delien and Michael decided that they would rather spend money on their honeymoon than the one day of the wedding, so they worked to a strict budget to achieve what they envisioned. Delien built a pinterest board to gather her ideas together and went about sourcing and making a lot of the decor herself and it was all beautifully documented by Migneon Marais from PRITTI I mean seriously that light is crazy good!! Be sure to read Michael's account of their meeting and proposal below!

TELL US ABOUT FINDING YOUR WEDDING DRESS: It was a difficult and stressful task as I had a certain picture in my head and struggled to get this idea through to the designer. I think most brides whom have also chosen to design and get their dress made from scratch would agree that this is one of the most tense things of all wedding planning. First of all, designers usually only finish the dress a few days before the wedding. I was unfortunate to have the final finishing of my dress done on the day of the wedding, which made everything just more nerve-wracking. In the end I was happy about the dress even though it was not exactly what I have wanted. I would have definitely done some things different in this category.

DESCRIBE YOUR WEDDING FLOWERS: I loooooved my wedding flowers, I just wish I had enough money to have had double the amount of flowers everywhere. The muted coloured roses and other flowers (I can not remember the names of the other flowers) were fit for a winter wedding and the theme I had chosen. Irma also did not make the floral arrangements so stiff, and I liked the rough garden type of look. I love peonies but because we had a winter wedding and this is a seasonal flower (spring) I could not afford to have peonies at our wedding. But, Irma was so sweet and surprised me with two peonies she had imported, on the main table.What advise would you give out to a couple planning their wedding?

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROPOSAL: The morning of the 26th of November I woke up a little nervous. I planned to ask her out that day. I gave an attempt at romance and took her to Magoebaskloof. I led her to a rock close to the waterfall. My heartbeat was wild, but I managed to sneakily pluck a purple flower on our way to the rock. I held back for a little while and was too scared to ask her, but decided the fear I had in the past wasn't going to stop me this time. I gave her a flower and asked her one of the biggest questions of my life at that time. "Will you be my girl?" I speedily rattled off.

On Easter weekend in 2013 we went to the sea again and this was where we took the next step. I am no artist, so I asked my mom to make me a massive banner with the words: ''Delien trou met my asb!!!''. When the two of us arrived at the beachhouse in the evening I saw that the spray paint my mother used to make the banner had soaked through and stained the paving. We did our best to divert her attention - it would have been a tremendous spoiler had she seen anything. Luckily she didn't notice it! I told her to be ready the next morning at seven o'clock with old, comfy and mud friendly clothes because I had a surprise for her. I explained to her in the morning that we would be flying Microlights and she was utterly excited!

As Murphy's Law would have it, the day was windy and misty and we had to wait until the weather allowed us to take off - my nerves were shot! My hands were extremely sweaty and to top it off my mom constantly kept on phoning to ask when we would take off. We finally took off and after a few minutes in the air I searched for the house and banked towards it. She took a while to notice it, but when we flew past the banner and she had a chance to read it, she immediately turned around to look at me. She was grinning wildly and showed me a happy thumbs up! What an amazing feeling! When we hit the ground again I went on my knees - everything after that is a blur. The emotions were overwhelming and I can't remember what I said or how I got the ring on her finger with those shaking hands!

Photographer MIGNEON MARAIS / Videographer EBERT STEYN FILMS / Cake PETRO FURSTENBERG / Florist FLOWERS BY IRMA / Stationery BRIDE / Venue & catering L'AQUILA / Bride's gown BELOVED BRIDAL / Shoes TRUWORTHS / Hair MICHELLE AT L'AQUILA / Make-up LONDOLOZI MBONISWA / Bridesmaids' dresses YDE