Based on an artists paint palette, the story as envisioned by stylist SUNDARI FERRIS allowed for many of the spaces in HALES HALL to be brought to life by filling them with creativity. Working with photographers TAYLOR & PORTER, they envisioned two creatives marrying in the beautiful architecture of the venue with its meandering corridors and ancient hall. Being lost in the countryside of Norfolk, its grounds are a place of a nostalgia and beauty – it has the air of intimate romance. 

"We told two sides of the story, the Bride, a painter and the Groom, a musician. We used the beautiful rooms within HALES HALL to show the unique atmosphere offered to the two souls. Those quiet spaces to steal away and be together or explore on your own. The whole editorial is seeped in creativity. 

The overall design is reminiscent of a romantic delicacy and balancing against the contrasting light of the spaces. We layered the colour palette with textures such as soft silk, organic linen and beeswax candles to create an artist’s paint palette significantly inspired by the film The Danish Girl. This trickled into the attire from the antique silk robe the bride wears into the setting.

For the dinner table, earthy stoneware plates and antique cutlery line the table which sit side by side the formal cut glassware in an elevated and elegant design. Without trying to constrict the colour palette we used items such as the silk napkins to bring out tones in the flowers rather than matching to the linen. This allowed for a very fluid design allowing JO FLOWERS to create absolute magic. We worked with ESTHER CLARK for the stationery whom mixes raw silk with natural cotton rag papers with delicate embossing to again tying into the textured creation. Everything is understated but beautifully captivating."