If you're going to have a destination wedding in the beautiful Dominican Republic, it makes sense that you'd also capitalise on the gorgeous surroundings and also have your engagement shoot there. Which is just what Chessa & Chase did... JAIMEE MORSE captured these fun photos of them in the quaint town of Altos De Chavon. Jaimee shares with us, "It was just an hour outside of Punta Cana ,which was where we all were staying. They were having their wedding ocean front back in Punta Cana and we were hoping to find a place that would offer a different look than their wedding photos would have. And Altos de Chavon was that place! The streets of this little town were just as perfect as could be! Someone explained it as like a movie set. Which was incredibly accurate probably because a designer constructed the city to look like historic centre of Santo Domingo. The vegetation was lush and covered all the stairs and paths with flowers casually falling to the ground, leaving behind a colourful trail. The town itself looks over a beautiful ravine and the Chavon river that had cattle grazing on the side and vultures soaring above. Flower filled bush’s covered parts of the building that were already beaming of colour and texture. The city is possibly the prettiest place I’ve seen architecturally speaking.

We didn’t have a ton of time so we missed out on going into the shops and little restaurants but we all did get taco bowls that were out of this world. I would definitely go back to this little village - maybe next time it will be to shoot a wedding in the towns church, St. Stanislaus Church. What an experience it would be to have a wedding in the midst of that little Dominican Republic village with that view and perfect architecture.

Chessa and Chase were beyond easy to photograph and I loved watching them be able to take some time away from the craziness of the wedding week to just enjoy each others company, kiss, play some maracas together with some locals, and take it all in. Some of my favourite photos are now from this engagement photo shoot. Oh, and there was a donkey. So yay for that!"