I'll be honest, it's not often that we feature vibrant colours here on Magnolia Rouge. I have a life long love affair with muted neutrals and warm spicy tones, but sometimes it's fun to break out of our little 'safe spot' and showcase something a little out of the ordinary for us. Case in point, this stunningly vibrant, tropical looking bouquet by CRIMSON & CLOVER. ELIZABETH FOGARTY captured these simple romantic shoot at RUST MANOR in Leesburg, Virginia.

Planner LAUREN NILES EVENTS tells us "For this styled shoot, we wanted to build a really unique palette and create focal points with carefully curated pieces. From the chartreuse velvet ring box and gorgeous magenta phalaenopsis orchids to the stunning INES DI SANTO gown and simple Louboutins, every piece came together for this romantic portrait session."