It doesn't get much more 'WOW' that this stunning wedding in northern France by ZHENYA SWAN. Irina & Dmitri reside in New York and held their destination wedding at the stunning CHATEAU DE BOUELLES in Normandy.

After meeting as students at university in their hometown Omsk in the Siberian region of Russia, Dmitry instantly fell in love with Irina, but after they had been together for a while he had to go to Paris to continue his studies. They kept up a long-distance relationship and Irina visited Dmitry every three months in Paris. Later on, by chance she won a green-card for the United States - purely because all her had friends applied so she too joined the lottery. She won a lucky ticket and decided to move to New York to continue her modeling career there. After a year of tough research, Dmitry found a company in New York that wanted to hire him and they were finally able to be together in the same country.

By this time he was already thinking of proposing and scheming up ideas on how to do so. During one of the last times Irina visited him in Paris, just prior to moving to New York, she was rather upset about the impending separation. The day she had to leave, Dmitry went to the airport to see her off and promised once again he would come over soon with all the luggage and high hopes to start a new life together. At the same time, he secretly booked the same flight and asked at the check-in counter to organise seats very far from each other so Irina wouldn't notice he got on the same plane. The plan worked and when she arrived in New York she was tired and upset so proceeded through customs and found her driver in the crowd who was supposed to take to to the flat. However the driver was already part of the plan and knew he had to take her to the Brooklyn Bridge where Dmitry was already waiting for her. Exhausted after a long flight, Irina didn't notice that the car was driving in a different direction and was pretty surprised when it stopped right in front of the bridge. It's not hard to imagine her shock and surprise when she saw Dmitry - who she believed had stayed behind in Paris - smiling, taking her hand and leading her to the centre of the bridge. She was stunned and couldn't believe her eyes when the next unbelievable thing happened. Her boyfriend stood on his knee and asked her the question every girl is dreaming of to hear. Obviously, she said yes.'

So, after an absolute fairytale like proposal, they started planning their wedding. They really wanted to make it a very special day for their nearest and dearest so they chose a beautiful chateau in the north of France where they spent most romantic dates when Irina visited Dmitry in France. It was a small event of 27 people, filled with a soulful atmosphere and happy smiles. People from both the USA and Russia came to France to celebrate the new start of the family of these beautiful people.

The style was very classic and the ceremony took place on the stairs in front of the chateau entrance. Irina made the most touching speech dedicated to her fiancee saying that, "Even when we had to move apart and see each other off at the airports dozens of times, you always stayed here (pointed at her forehead) and here (placed a hand to her heart).'