Kristel and Colin met and started dating two years ago while on a hiking trip in Siquijor - a small island located in the Philippines. For their one year anniversary, they went on a hiking trip to Bali where Colin proposed. It only made sense to have an adventurous pre-wedding shoot with them in San Francisco where they call home, and they had JOSH MOREHOUSE capture these beautiful images. Josh says, "From the scenic views of Baker Beach, to the rolling mountains across the Golden Gate Bridge, we chased the sunset until the fog came rolling in that evening. Being from Savannah, GA myself, it was quite the treat photographing this special time in their lives in such a beautiful place."

Bride-to-be Kristel tells us; "Colin and I met in Siquijor, a small island located in the Philippines. I was traveling with a friend while Colin was on a solo backpacking trip on his first trip to the Philippines. We happened to be staying in the same hostel during the Siquijor leg and we all decided to go around together and tour the island the following days. I initially thought Colin was a bit odd and mysterious (well, he is) but never thought at that time that I would end up marrying him less than two years later. We all connected through Messenger and said our goodbyes. It didn't turn out to be much of a goodbye for the two of us. It started with chatting and then turned into late night and early morning video calls that went on for hours. We took whatever vacation time we could from our jobs to meet in California or Manila to see each other, and then anxiously awaited the next time we could see one another. For our 1 year anniversary, we decided to travel to Bali. On a cliff watching the beautiful sunset in Nusa Ceningan, Colin (really shaking and almost tripped!) went down on one knee and popped the question. I said yes!"