Inspired by the mystical atmosphere of this stunning old Abbey, this shoot by Parisian Wedding Photographer DAVID DUFÉAL aimed to tell the story of a future bride, just before her engagement - a suspended moment in the restful calm of a hallowed place. Styled by Véronique Lorre for QUELQUE CHOSE DE BLEU it's European elegance at its finest. 

Véronique tells us, "The feeling was so present in the walls, the stone arches and terracotta floor that I wanted the design to reflect it through a minimalist and clean style - a simple table setting with beautiful stationery designed by GRAPHIKKART and some muted fall colours in the flowers and candles brings a warm and elegant atmosphere.

In the middle of the strong elements of this venue, a young barefoot girl with an ethereal innocence moves, the fluid fabrics of her MANON PASCUAL dress brings life, contrasting with the austerity of the place."