Unless you've been hiding under a rock you'll know that Iceland has been one of the hottest spots in the world for photographers to visit over the past few years. Czech Republic wedding photographers EVERBAY CO. travel the globe to some pretty amazing places to capture weddings and whilst in Iceland earlier this year had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Czech artists, ODIVI who designed this dreamy pale peach gown. As someone obsessed with landscapes we are dying over these incredible scenes!

Martin from EVERBAY CO. tells us, "Iceland is a country that I have deep feelings for and I wanted to create real and honest images, which is why I shot it all on film. We were quite lucky because Iceland showed us its wilder face that day, teased us with blue skies at first, then surprised with a heavy rain and stormy clouds and finally gave us a golden sunset with a rainbow alongside the horizon. We actually spent a couple hours around the church and cliffs as I really wanted to have time to experience the place and get in tune with its feel, not just snap a few poses and head home. For the dress we decided to go with something very airy to let wind play with Peta a little, and also to make it fresh and a bit unconventional we decided to go not with white, but pale peach tones. The simplicity of the dress accompanied with tulips as a bouquet let us focus more on elements of nature and atmosphere of the day."