This beautifully feminine bridal session by KRISTIN LA VOIE PHOTOGRAPHY documents a bride on the morning of her wedding as she prepares for the ceremony. MAY FLORAL DESIGN curated the prettiest basket of blooms perfect for the occasion and the vintage gown from SHOP GOSSAMER is perfect for the occasion.

"An outdoorsy girl at heart, having grown up on the family farm playing hide and seek in the corn fields, Sarah's wedding day has arrived. Instead of sipping mimosas in plush robes and slippers , getting perfectly manicured and plucked, she finds herself enjoying a quiet morning outside to forage her own bouquet. Without formal construction in mind, she chooses based on what excites her, much like this morning. Her basket full and her heart bursting, she takes a breath and opens up her love letter written from her dearest. She never dreamt of a traditional wedding as a girl with corset dresses and pinched toes. Rather, her perfect wedding morning would be just as it is today, reminiscent of her childhood days when she met her beloved on the farm. In her grandmother's vintage dressing robe from the 1930s, every part of today is meaningful and purposeful. This was her perfect wedding morning, after all.“